Our clients include professional organizations, practice management consultants, dental practices, leading dental manufacturers, and other businesses.

  • Academy of Dental Management Consultants
  • AMC Institute
  • Astra Tech/Atlantis Components
  • Carbon
  • Florida Dental Laboratory Association
  • Florida Magazine Association
  • Georgia Dental Association
  • Georgia Institute of Technology’s Center for Dental Technology
  • IDLife
  • International Training Institute
  • Kahn Media
  • National Association of Dental Laboratories
  • National Board of for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology
  • Psyma International
  • Thommen Medical
  • Western University College of Dental Medicine


“I am so happy with Valmont Research!  They have made the seemingly daunting task of surveying my referring doctors easy for my practice.  I have learned so much about how my referring doctors view my practice and have constructive ways to improve.” — Paula T. Sebastiani, DDS, MS – San Rafael, CA

“Valmont research has been a tremendous help to my clients in assessing their effectiveness with patients.  I utilize this valuable tool in my consulting. Why reinvent the wheel?“ — Lois Banta, CEO, Banta Consulting – Grain Valley, MO

“I was thoroughly impressed with the results of the surveys and found the patient feedback report in particular to be enlightening. Happily, the patient report confirmed our suspicion that in most cases, we are doing quite well. Although it also exposed some of our weaknesses, we are now in a better position to make the needed corrections and improve patient satisfaction.

“We also learned that most of the patients who completed the survey appreciated that we took the time to listen to their comments. Some noted their appreciation on the surveys themselves.

“The reports are great, especially the patient demographics and how they learned about our practice.  This information will enable us to focus our marketing and thereby grow our practice.” — Christopher N. Reese, DDS – Claremont, NC

“As a consultant, it is easy to develop a ‘feeling’ about the staff and patient attitudes toward a practice.  The practice assessment reports from Valmont Research turn ‘feeling’ into fact.  My clients are thoroughly impressed with the content and presentation of the report, and this service has served as a seed for growing new business.” — Jennifer McDonald, Consultant and Managing Partner, Dental Management Advisors – Atlanta, GA

“It’s fun to get a report card! The patient and staff reports from Valmont Research are really informative, easy to read, and clearly show areas of strength and improvement. I appreciated seeing my practice—and my role in it—through the collective eyes of my patients and my team.“ — Karen J. Armstrong, DMD – Jacksonville, NC

“These are the most complete surveys in dentistry with astounding results for the practice owners. Dentists are operating in the blind if they don’t know the true strengths and weaknesses of their practices.“ — Linda Miles, Consultant, Found of Speaking Consulting Network – Virginia Beach VA

“I was impressed with the reports from Valmont Research.  The data were organized in a useful and attractive way and they helped us to make changes in our practice to better serve our patients.  All in all, a very good value at a very reasonable cost.” — Ralph Lehr, DDS – Atlanta, GA